Wendy is a Rare Treasure

A unique approach to leadership development that integrates systems thinking, creative process and mindfulness practice

Wendy is a rare treasure because she brings together and embodies three disciplines— a lifelong immersion in creative process, the practice of mindfulness meditation, and the application of systems thinking to social dynamics. She brings us into a deeper understanding of these dynamics in a way that is both profound and playful.

- Susan Szpakowski, THRIVE Nova Scotia, Orchestrator 

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Annie Galloway
Master Level Facilitation

Master level facilitation

Wendy is working at a master level. She is extremely receptive to ideas, collaboration and synthesis. People breathe when Wendy's around. They change the way they interact which frees up potential for innovation and creativity that wouldn't have been there otherwise. Her ease in her own skin makes other people be at ease in theirs.

-Patricia Neal, Center for Purposeful Leadership, President
Co-author of The Art of Convening

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Annie Galloway
Cross Sector Impact

Cross-sector Impact

Wendy is a master integrator. She's part of that rare breed of people who have a deep knowledge of a particular domain, the ability to make strong connections across domains, and a graceful way of leading others to find those connections for themselves.

Colin Funk , Pacific Center for Leadership
Banff Centre Leadership Development,  Creative Programming Director (former)

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Annie Galloway