Clients as Partners

We consider the organizations, collaborative networks and individuals who engage us to be our partners, not just our clients. There is a difference. Clients hire providers to deliver professional services or advice. Partners share an investment in the successful impact of the work, and work together to co-create the greatest likelihood of desired impact.

We work with you, not just for you.

Our partners range from global companies to activist arts groups. The commonality across all these different organizations is that someone was looking for a new way forward.


People who reach out to work with us tend to be…

  • Innovators, change agents and teams inside large institutions who are looking for new strategies to influence change in systems they can’t predict or control

  • Individual changemakers and organizational leaders looking to maximize their full potential personally and professionally, and to further their ability to be effective in complex conditions, especially working across cultural boundaries

  • small consulting firms, independent consultants, and coaches who want to bring leading-edge thinking back to their own clients