Because the Creative Leadership Studio is committed to your success, we bring…   

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An inquiry approach

We start with listening and asking questions that help you see, understand and influence patterns in the challenges you face.


Partnership for results

We work with you every step of the way to ensure you are getting results that make a real difference.


Diverse methods

We draw on a vast and versatile toolbox to design and deliver solutions that are fit for your unique situation.


Trusted referrals

We do many things exceptionally well but we will also let you know up front if what you need is not in our wheelhouse, and try to point you to other respected resources.


Custom-designed solutions

We tailor each engagement to serve your needs and leverage your opportunities, instead of promoting a predetermined, off-the-shelf methodology.


Actionable values

We aspire to make our values not just explicit, but actionable in every engagement through a short set of simple rules. listed below




Actionable Values

This short list of simple rules guides how we engage with our clients, associates and collaborators.  

These rules are adapted from those of our associates at the Human Systems Dynamics Institute.


Teach and learn in every interaction

We carry a stance of learning and inquiry which enables us and those we partner with to continually expand our capacity to co-create desired results.


Search for the true and the useful

We focus on what it true, with full recognition that truth is complex and multi-faceted depending upon where you stand. We focus on what is useful so that whatever we create has the greatest likelihood of providing high value for its users.


Engage in joyful practice

We have a respected reputation for helping those we work with find joy and connection even in the midst of tackling difficult and serious issues



We pay attention to multiple levels of scale – the individuals, their teams, and the larger enterprise, as well as the interplay between them.


Give and get value for value

We design engagements with an eye for mutual benefit and reciprocity.


Share our story

We value story as a powerful resource for change.