Craig Neal testimonial

Excellence in group process design

When it comes to group process design, Wendy is one of the best. Peter Block talks about social architecture. Wendy is a social choreographer, someone who watches closely, asks really good questions and gets people to move in wondrous ways. She helps groups be more in tune as whole human beings, which elevates their possibilities and accelerates their efforts into powerful collective action. Her work illuminates what real leadership is.

-Craig Neal
Center for Purposeful Leadership, Co-Founder

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Annie Galloway
Erik Takeshita testimonial

New thinking arises at the intersections of different fields and cultures

Wendy's work is alchemy. She brings together different elements—leadership, organizational development, arts, learning and management into a form that is different from any of those elements individually. Her work is cross-sector, innovative and cutting edge. It's complex, emerging and evolving. Wendy is able to knit different approaches together from different disciplines. She's a translator who facilitates connection between these worlds, providing windows and opportunities for creativity and innovation that advances the work between sectors.

-Erik Takeshita
Artplace America, Senior Fellow

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Annie Galloway
Richard Brynteson testimonial

A whole person approach to leadership development

As left-brain jobs go away because they can be computerized or shipped overseas, more and more people will need to develop holistic thinking in order to stay competitive in this economy. Wendy helps them do that. She has a totally different approach than the rational, linear approaches of most leadership developers, including myself. If your leadership group has been through many of the traditional approaches to team building and leadership development and they are still stuck—in the same dynamics, not solving the same problems, not knowing which direction to go—Wendy's work would un-stick them.

-Richard Brynteson, Author, Once Upon A Complex Time
Management Consultant

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Annie Galloway