Creative Leadership Studio partners with you in six core ways to stimulate breakthrough insight for breakthrough change:


Facilitation and process design that enables diverse groups to think and decide together

  • Custom-designed small and large group processes that enable groups to give voice to the issues they care about, and create enough shared understanding to take wise action on issues that really matter to them

  • A vast and versatile toolbox of participatory methods including ToP/Technologies of Participation, Art of Hosting, Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Pro-Action Cafe, Liberating Structures and others

  • Event design that is high engagement and tailored to each unique context


High-impact training that shifts mindsets from seeing problems to seeing possibilities

  • Transformative in-house and public learning programs that spark practical insight

  • Highly interactive and effective pedagogy that draws on the most current research and practice in adult learning, applied neuroscience, adult development theory, creative process, and complex systems

  • Transferable learning that prepares participants to effectively transfer new knowledge and apply it in contexts beyond the original training environment


Perspective coaching that generates path-breaking insights

  • One-on-one and small group coaching so individuals thrive personally and professionally, and teams connect and perform better together

  • Digital decision-making, visual mapping and other results-focused tools that catalyze shifts in mindset and allow them to be retained

  • Inquiry-based approach that enables clients to explore, understand and resolve key issues by calling into question unexamined ideas, beliefs and assumptions


Intercultural competence assessment and development to advance individual and organizational goals and outcomes related to diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Individual and group assessment using the Intercultural Development Inventory® / IDI®, a cross-culturally valid instrument that measures intercultural competence (Qualified IDI® Administrator)

  • One-on-one coaching that grows individual capacity to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities

  • Leadership team training and coaching that is grounded in a well-researched and reliable developmental framework


Research and analysis to support deeper understanding of complex issues and inform strategic decisions

  • Create trend papers, white papers, summary reports and other customized research on issues or opportunities for your organization

  • Research design with a utilization focus to ensure feasibility, relevance and usefulness

  • Collect data from a variety of sources, facilitate “data jams” and other processes to generate shared meaning by collectively analyzing the data, and draw from a variety of creative formats to present findings that engage and inspire action


Leadership development programing and coaching to effectively navigate complex systems 

• Program design that locates leadership not as a position, but as behavior that can show up anywhere within an organization or community (For an introduction to Wendy's view of leadership, click on Whole Systems Leadership, an online learning module Wendy created for the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing)

• Emergent learning that meets participants where they are and grows their leadership capacity to deal with complex realities

• A transformational learning approach, rather than competency-based approach, that enables changemakers perceive differently and respond adaptively.